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You received a letter from CRA? – Don’t panic….get help!

Did you receive a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency after you filed your taxes? Are you afraid, confused and are about to just send them a cheque or online payment?

Don’t make that payment just yet. Maybe I can help!! T: 416 648 3074

If you are guilty as charged because you know your return was not correct that’s something you need to deal with. However, on the other hand, don’t just assume that the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is right just because they sent you a letter.

The CRA conduct reviews of tax returns from time to time which may be random or may be triggered by something particular to your tax return.

The CRA is not always right! Don’t just panic and roll over and play dead when you receive that letter. You may just need to send them a few pieces of documentation.  If the CRA denies a claim, there may be another way to file your return where you or your spouse may claim or transfer another credit between both of you to reduce the overall tax owed by your family.  This will require filing a T1 adjustment.

Get information. Get a second opinion. Don’t just assume the CRA is always right just because they sent you a letter.  Above all, please respond to the letter within the time given in the letter.  Don’t just panic and do nothing.

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